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3 Trailers 4 Ready 2 Rumble Revolution


Are you ready for three Ready 2 Rumble Revolution videos? How do you even prepare for something like that? We're imagining a Rocky-style training montage before sitting down to take on these videos -- we aren't sure how punching a side of beef or running up stairs will help you watch Internet videos, but who knows? Your Ready 2 Rumble video endurance may improve as your physical endurance does.

The first trailer shows the awful "Syphon Cruel" versus the (faintly) James Brown-ish "Fight Machine." Next on the bill is "Mal Function" against circa-Staying Alive John Travolta in the form of "Fever Friction," followed by "Mosh Deck'em" versus "Kaiser Kong." Developer AKI has done an exemplary job of designing punchable characters.


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