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ArenaNet sets record straight on Guild Wars 2 'delay'

Brooke Pilley

How can you delay a game that never had a set release date to begin with? This is the logic ArenaNet's Mike O'Brien pointed out in a recent open letter to Guild Wars 2 fans. Speculation about the 'delay' began late last week when ArenaNet's parent company, NCsoft, released their Q4 2008 financials that scheduled a 2010-2011 release for GW2.

Guild Wars 2 was originally announced in March 2007 alongside Guild Wars' first expansion titled Eye of the North. At the time, PC Gamer magazine confirmed that ArenaNet was hoping for GW2 to go into beta in the second half of 2008. When June 2008 rolled around, the official GW2 FAQ was updated to say that a beta would not be commencing in 2008 as originally planned. During NCsoft's earning call, it was stated that while they originally intended to make GW2 a sequel, it really became a whole new game in development. Mike O'Brien stated in his letter that the game will be ready "when it's done" and not any sooner. "Guild Wars 2 is a large and ambitious game, and we're going to take the time to do it right."

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