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Rumor: MS survey mentions non-gaming achievements

Dustin Burg

Loot Ninja dug up an alleged Microsoft sponsored Xbox 360 survey that brings up some interesting achievement topics. Specifically, questions that inquire about non-gaming achievements (like watching a certain amount of DVDs), having them unlock in-game content and even pitches the concept of having a virtual "in-game way to view your Achievements list." Similar to the proposed PlayStation 3 Trophy Room in Home.

Seeing how much we adore the 360's achievements, we're willing to support most any plan (gaming related or not) to expand the number of ways we can increase our Gamerscore. Most of the survey questions are good ideas, except for the one that asks about swapping pop-up messages for environment based notifications. Bad idea. Removing the iconic bleep-bloop would be an unforgivable sin.

[Via Kombo]

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