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The FCC releases the Go-NoGo analog shutoff list

Ben Drawbaugh

When the FCC denied about 25 percent of the broadcasters who wanted to go early from going on the original date, the first thing that we wanted to know was which ones? The good news is that FCC has finally posted a comprehensive list of every high powered station in the country and who went all digital today. Out of the 106 the FCC originally had objections to shutting down analog, 53 worked it out, 10 are still trying, and 43 actually agreed to delay. In total, about 36 percent of the 1796 full power stations made the switch (outlined in red in the linked xls spreadsheet) today, with 115 days and counting until the rest do.

[Via HomeTheaterMag]

Read -- 43 stations who agreed not to shut off analog. (xls)
Read -- 641 stations that completed the transition today (xls)

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