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Join the Jumpgate Evolution developer chat this Tuesday, February 24th

Kyle Horner

If you happen to have some Jumpgate Evolution questions burning in your brain, then next Tuesday on February 24th we recommend that you join in a developer chat over on Stratics. The actual chat will be held via IRC, which you can find a handy-dandy guide to right here in case you're not overly familiar with the application. For everyone else, here's a list of equally handy, as well as dandy, servers to join:

  • EU - Germany 6667 6668
  • USA - Colorado 6667 6668 7000
  • USA - Texas 6667 6668
  • USA - Colorado 6667 6668 7000
We'll be following up on any transcipts that hit the net afterwords, so if for some reason you're unable to make it (or IRC boggles your mind) you can still partake in new Jumpgate Evolution information as you see fit.

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