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Mad Catz: 'well under 50' complaints about FightSticks


Mad Catz's Alex Verrey issued an official response to the reports of defects in its standard edition Street Fighter IV FightSticks, admitting that there is in fact an issue, though it "does NOT happen on each Arcade FightStick and has been reported on a small number of units." The statement confirms that the "sticky joystick" issue is related to a metal washer moving out of place. While Verrey says that the issue is simple to fix, he suggests contacting Mad Catz for repairs to avoid voiding the warranty.

Verrey told 1UP that the number of complaints received by Mad Catz numbered "well under 50," and that the issue has "blown out of proportion." When asked about the connection between the FightStick issue and a recent drop in Mad Catz's stock price, Verrey responded that "It is my personal belief that the notion that this issue (Which has only surfaced in the last 48 hours or so) has in any way affected our company's stock price is slightly fanciful to say the least." We also doubt that a tiny, angry contingent of the Street Fighter community somehow performed the Guile handcuffs on Mad Catz's stock.

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