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Introducing the Massively webcomic: Grinders

Lemuel Pew

Grinders is a new weekly cartoon here at Massively devoted to chronicling your adventures in your favorite MMOs! If you have a funny story or just a funny character, submit your tale complete with a screenshot to The best will be etched in stone and displayed in the town square for all to see. Or just put in the comic.

Well, what's Grinders really about? How about last week's raid-gone-bad, or that time you danced on the head of a giant mob? Or that famous thing that Jenkins fella did? It happens all the time, you just need to write it out and send it in! Be sure to include screenshots so Lem knows what to draw, and include character names, games and even your server so credit goes where credit is due. We look forward to seeing your online tales of wit and woe!

Lemuel PewLemuel Pew is a webcomic artist and MMO player with the attention span of a guppy. Between sketching gamers in cartoon form and making too many alts in City of Heroes, he draws an online comic called Blank It. Feel free to watch his Twitter at your own risk.

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