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UK woman is most definitely, absolutely the #1 Halo Wars fan -- 100 percent confirmed!


In all of our time playing Halo online (68,873 combined hours, to be exact), we've encountered numerous people who say they are females, but we know the truth: girls don't play games ... ever. Also, they have cooties. Our world has been flipped upside down, though, thanks to south Londoner Amanda Johnstone. She apparently likes Halo Wars -- a lot.

Amanda loves the game so much that she doesn't mind having 5 of the same poster on her wall. She's that into it. Pay no mind to the fact that the game comes out in the UK next week. This isn't a promotional thing. Amanda actually owns 8 Halo Wars cups and sits around in her short-shorts and Halo Wars tanktop all the time. It's a way of life for her.

Source (NSFW) - UK Resistance

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