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VC Friday: Let the Games Continue


European Wii owners this week are treated to something they must have known was coming sooner or later: Epyx's Winter Games. The multi-event Olympic games seem like canonical European games of the era, and Summer Games 2 is already out. Eventually, North American gamers will get to enjoy things like this! Personally, the last time this blogger played Winter Games, it was on the Atari 7800.

Also available this week for PAL downloaders: last week's North American release, Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS. It lacks the multiplayer of the arcade game, but it's a pretty okay action game on its own, full of ridiculous attitude and 16-bit bombast. Overall, it's not the greatest week, but neither is it Urban Champion.

  • Winter Games -- Commodore 64 -- 500 Wii Points
  • Wolf of the Battlefield: MERCS -- Mega Drive -- 800 Wii Points
Videos of the Games: CLIPS after the break.

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