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Codemasters publishing Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust, coming in April

In the weeks following the fateful Activision Blizzard merger, a great deal of concern arose from the gaming community as a number of anticipated titles effectively lost their publisher. However, while most fretting was focused on Ghostbusters and Brütal Legend, the suddenly jeopardized low-brow antics of Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust went undiscussed, and largely uneulogized.

Don't feel too guilty, you neglectful so-and-so -- Codemasters' casual games branch Funsta has apparently picked publishing rights for the title. According to the company's site, the adult content-rich adventure title is due out in April for the PC, PS3 and 360, and has been granted a totally shocking Mature rating by the ESRB. Ever the survivor, it seems the Leisure Suit Larry franchise will live to sleaze another day.

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