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The Guardian: Ken, Ryu great for SF IV beginners

Jason Dobson

Trouble telling your Tiger Knee from a Sonic Boom? Now UK newspaper The Guardian, along with Capcom's Anil Das-Gupta have stepped up with some friendly advice to help transform your hadou-can't into a Hadouken.

For starters, beginners are advised to turn a blind eye to the bulk of the Street Fighter IV's roster of brawlers, instead sticking with the game's vanilla duo of Ken and Ryu as they "both offer a full range of moves and styles while the other fighters merely exaggerate specific elements." Anil also notes that despite their similarities, there are even some fundamental differences between the pair, explaining that "Ryu has always been better at ranged attacks while Ken is better up close."

Funny, we always thought that Ryu was the smarter one while Ken was better with the ladies. Anyway, take a read, and hopefully some of these pointers can help sharpen your street fighting know-how. Anything to keep from the unsightly embarrassment that comes from mistaking a friendly Yoga Noogie for a crispy Yoga Flame.

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