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Scosche passPORT Home Dock gives new life to old iPod docks

Darren Murph

Let's get one thing straight right now -- Scosche isn't actually selling an iPod dock here. What it is pitching, however, is an adapter that'll add new life to your aged iPod sound system. Much like the automotive passPORT announced earlier this year, the passPORT Home Dock charging adapter was specifically designed to fix the charging error associated with several iPod docking stations and enables charging for the iPhone 3G, iPod touch Gen 2, and iPod nano Gen 4. In other words, it allows these newer devices to charge even in older docks that don't support USB 5-volt charging. Of course, you better really love your existing dock, 'cause this adapter alone is pegged at $39.99. A nice demonstration vid is after the break if you're having a typical case of the Mondays.

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