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Verizon bridging address books across mobile, landline, and FiOS

Chris Ziegler

There's surprisingly little synchronicity amongst Verizon's diverse service offerings, of which Verizon Wireless is just a part -- you've also got landline telephones, internet, and television in the mix. The Hub is a small step toward bridging those services (though ironically, the device is offered solely through Wireless, not the landline division), and another step is coming courtesy of FusionOne, which is partnering with Big Red to deliver unified contact synchronization across all of Verizon's services later this year. With cloud services more real than ever before and heavyweights like Google clearly looking to be at the forefront, Verizon's effort seems almost quaint in comparison -- but for folks who subscribe to a number of the company's services and want a dead-simple contact management solution without having to venture outside the Verizon ecosystem, this just might be the answer. FusionOne has previously partnered with Verizon Wireless to deliver Backup Assistant, so the new service really seems like it'll be little more than an extension of that; alas, no word on pricing or availability yet.

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