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WoW Moviewatch: Riot by Sylverbkwolf


Warning: There's a tiny bit of cussing in this music video, listen with care.

Zeb, otherwise known as Sylverbkwolf, created this music video because he was feeling a little bored of the game itself. It's his first video longer than 20 seconds or so, representing his first attempt at editing, framing, and other similar concepts. It took him about a week or two to finish it, and thus was born Sylverbkwolf's WoW music video for Three Days Grace - Riot.
In terms of music videos, it didn't reach out and grab me. That being said, considering it's Zeb's first time out, he did a good job of creating smooth animation and a logical follow-through in the video. It made sense, and nothing really struck me as being out of place. The scenes, the requisite use of musical models, and the "story" worked together just fine for a rock and roll video.

What I did particularly like, however, is the use of Wintergrasp footage. I've not seen a lot of videos -- music videos or story films -- using this new gameplay feature, and I thought it was keen Zeb included it. I think all the siege engines, in particular, fit a good metal music theme, so it was a good call to include it.

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