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Atlus Online to launch online games portal with new localization of Neo Steam


Atlus is planning to launch their online games portal with a bang, announcing the hybrid steampunk-fantasy MMO Neo Steam: The Shattered Continent as their first game.

If Neo Steam sounds familar, it should. GameNetworks has already had an English version of the game running for a few months. However, with HanbitSoft changing the rights over to Atlus, GameNetworks has discontinued service for their version of Neo Steam.

Neo Steam
will be undergoing an extensive localization process, common to most Atlus Games, to make sure all of the dialogue is written properly and game features are tweaked to support the English language. The game will also be undergoing other updates, including graphical and content updates. Simply put, this will not be the exact same version of the game that has already been released to English speaking audiences.

Interested users and previous Neo Steam players will be very interested to hear that signing up for early access to the Atlus Online portal will also let users sign up for the beta of the newly localized Neo Steam. Signing up also allows instant access to their forums, so you can talk and mingle with your fellow neo steamers to your heart's content!

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