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Update to the WoW Insider Guide to Patch 3.1


There has been a ton of patch 3.1 information coming out in the last few weeks, and with the PTR released early the morning there is an epic flood of new stuff. A quick recap:
And over the past two weeks we've been averaging about 18 posts a day, which is a lot even for all the monkeys we have typing our articles up.

So we've done a big update to the WoW Insider Guide to Patch 3.1. You'll find all of our 3.1 information categorized and indexed in easy to reference locations, and we're adding new stuff to it every day. And with as big as Patch 3.1 is becoming, it should prove quite useful to keep track of everything that is changing in the game.

We're also keeping an up-to-date and easy to reference list of exactly what's been posted today. You can find that list near the bottom of the guide.

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