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WoW releases Patch 3.1 to the PTR

Shawn Schuster

World of Warcraft's Patch 3.1 is now officially on the PTR, and it brings with it many new features to the game. Over at our sister site, WoW Insider, they're working diligently to bring the readers every tidbit of information they can pull from this patch, both official and unofficial.

According to the patch notes, some of the larger changes include the fact that mounts will no longer dismount in water, the addition of the Ulduar raid instance, BG queuing anywhere in the world and of course, the highly-anticipated dual specs. There are also new pets and mounts, new profession recipes and more! Check out WoW Insider for more Patch 3.1 guides than you can imagine, and more on the progress of the patch as it nears the live servers.

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