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Linden Lab launches a bunch of blogs

Tateru Nino

After a comparatively quiet period for communications, Linden Lab has relaunched the blog -- or blogs, in this case (we count seven blogs altogether, so far), presenting us with more talk than we've seen from the Lab in quite some time. The new blogs (migrated now from Wordpress to Jive's Clearspace) certainly seems to have that 2005 feel that came with the original Linden blogs, only with more polish.

The new blogs are Features, Press, Land (and sea), Technology, Eureka (an inworld showcase), Working Inworld, and Community. Only a very few All of the posts [thanks Yoz!] from the old blog have been migrated to the new system. We're not aware of any especial comment limits, but a moderation policy has been announced as a part of the package, and commenters must log in with their Second Life account credentials before commenting.

Overall, at present it is a bit like a new series premiere. It's full of introductions and setup, but at this stage it is a little too early to tell how it is all going to work out in the longer term.

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