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The Daily Grind: Expectations of quality?

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in the Xfire Debate Club, which was really quite cool. A lot of fantastic questions were asked, but one in particular struck me as more of a community question than just a question for those of us who were in attendance from the various media/gaming companies. That question was whether or not there was more of an expectation of quality from players of subscription games than there is from free to play titles. Most of us answered that it used to be the case, but with games like Guild Wars in the market, and other strong titles coming all the time, it seemed to be less and less the case. After all, if a game isn't quality, people won't stick around, most of us reasoned.

This morning, I wanted to come back and ask you, our Massively community, just what you thought about that? Do you feel that there's more of an expectation of quality in a subscription game, or do you also see free to play games moving into the quality space more and more, breaking down those expectations? Do you think that there will ever be a level playing field between subscription and F2P games? Why or why not?

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