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LG Neon coming to Rogers any day now for $30 on contract?

Chris Ziegler

In the States, we're hearing that AT&T is going to launch this bad boy as the GT365 Etna -- but just trade the "G" for a "T" and we've heard similar rumblings north of the border up on Fido. Now, it looks like the TE365 (which goes by the Neon moniker instead of the more bizarre Etna) might actually be dropping on Fido's corporate mommy Rogers, with a HoFo member reporting that we'll see it hit any day now for a mere $29.99 on a three-year deal. Considering that it's got a touchscreen, landscape QWERTY slide, and FM radio, that doesn't seem like a terribly bad deal -- but then again, are you really going to still want to be using this 36 months from now?

[Via MobileSyrup]

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