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Toshiba lab-rats using diffraction gratings to increase OLED light output

Steven Kim

The odds-on favorite for the display technology to supplant LCD dominance is, of course, OLED. Based on the current woes in the plasma display space, color accuracy and black levels (which OLEDs have in spades) might not be enough to upset the LCD applecart, so it's no surprise to see so much research aimed at bringing up the output efficiency of OLEDs. For its part, Toshiba is playing around with diffraction gratings to increase the brightness (specifically, the coherency) of OLED displays. The silica nano-gratings have yielded a 60-percent increase in light extraction efficiency, no small potatoes. File this one under "research," as Toshiba itself says this tech is years away from commercial reality; of course, Toshiba's been saying that about OLED for a long time now.

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