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ASUS' P565 superphone canned due to Garmin partnership?


Sad business if true, but the UnwiredView is reporting that ASUS' P565 Windows Mobile 6.1-toting, VGA, HSDPA, Blazing 800MHz (Marvell PXA930) monster has been quietly dumped. The reason? Nobody's talking and we've not heard reports from either Garmin or ASUS to verify it either way -- it has apparently launched in Germany and Poland, at least -- but according to GPSAndCo, its debut in France isn't happening and they point to the new partnership as the reason. In the end, it does seem as if the Garmin / ASUS team is going to deliver some pretty serious goods, so we'll not shed a tear unless something happens to them, too. Of course, this could all be fluff, so do tell us if you catch sight of one of these at your local shop.

[Via UnwiredView]

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