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Pyuuun palm-sized robot keeps tabs on you, delivers beverages


If Hans Moravec of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University is right, we only have a good twenty to thirty years left before robots evolve into a new type of artificial species. As we wait for the inevitable robot apocalypse, we've already begun to see lots of little robotic guys pop into our lives, whether they're sweeping the floor, giving us something to hug, or bringing us a cup of tea. In addition to its miniature waitstaff ability, Pyuuun, Robo-Engine's "LifeLog Robot," is equipped with eight sensors (including brightness, movement, collision, sound, distance, temperature, slope and infrared) and can be programmed to monitor an area, collecting various data (such as keeping an eye on a temperature-sensitive workspace) and reporting back to you (or your robot overlords) via WiFi. With a 12-volt battery that promises six hours of use on a single charge, the utility of this bad boy is only limited by your imagination -- and its ?300,000 (about $3,090) price tag. Video after the break.

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