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These tricks are treats

Mel Martin

Over the last few months I've reviewed a few magic tricks (here and here) that work on the iPhone and iPod touch. They were quite diverting, and can help you bring some joy to the office and take people's minds off the layoffs and other bad economic news.

Now, Magician Andrew Mayne has come up with some clever tricks that work great and are, drum roll, free. Just the tonic for the recession.

All these effects take a bit of preparation, and these are not the kinds of tricks experienced professionals would do, but of you have been hankering to try some magic and fool your friends these free effects are just the ticket.

The first trick is called EZ Money. You show a collection of currency on your phone, then pull one bill literally right off the screen and the real thing appears in your hand.

Weapon X works on the iPhone, iPod touch, and even the iPod Nano. You run the iPhone along your arm, and you see an X-ray, but there is something strangely wrong with it.

Spirit Photography is a bit weird. Have someone choose any bill from their wallet, take an image with it using your iPhone and the image will be strangely haunting. It's a good effect, and has enough little traps to keep your audience guessing.

Again, no one is going to confuse you with David Copperfield, but all these tricks are free and all but Weapon X are not likely to be easily figured out. Weapon X is more a novelty than a trick, so I'm not giving the set any demerits.

Andrew creates professional illusions for Penn and Teller and David Blaine. His iPhone tricks are a fun diversion for him and probably will be for you too. You can see video demonstrations and explanations of all three tricks here. You'll also find some links to some iPhone gags. Enjoy.

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