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Yuhua's Xphone-SDK runs Android, doesn't look like poo

Chris Ziegler

If you enjoyed feasting your eyes on that DSTL1 from General Mobile a couple weeks back, pay extra close attention here. Turns out that phone was designed by Chinese firm Yuhua, and they're back at it with a second Android device -- this time a reference design, seemingly without a distributor lined up -- the Xphone-SDK. We'd argue that this one looks even better than the DSTL1 did (from the renders here, anyway), but the specs suffer, stepping down to just 128MB of RAM and 256MB of ROM on board. As usual, you're left with just EDGE data, though a 3G version is promised down the road -- not to say it matters too much unless a brand decides to pick it up and sell it. What do ya say, General Mobile?

[Via Phandroid]

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