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Microsoft iffy on Netflix-style service for Euro 360s

Dustin Burg

Commenting on the possibility of a Netflix-style streaming service making its way to Xbox 360s in Europe, UK Xbox boss Neil Thompson admits to Eurogamer that such plans, well ... don't look too promising.

"Netflix is a great deal in the US," says Thompson, who believes that the Live service has to evolve "in different territories at different speeds." Though uncertain as to what the future holds for each of those territories, he adds, "We're concentrating on delivering the services we've got and bolstering the content we've got."

We're guessing the addition of 30 new Universal movies to Europe's XBVM is part of Microsoft's exhaustive efforts. Sorry, Europe, looks like you'll be Netflix-less for a while. Think of it as a boon to productivity! You're helping to save the economy for the rest of us!

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