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Pontiac G8 still in Wheelman despite brand's dire outlook


MTV Multiplayer has pointed out that, although GM's Pontiac line is slowly bleeding out as a casualty of the US economic downturn, Midway's Ubisoft's upcoming Vin Diesel vehicle, Wheelman, will still feature one of its rides: the Pontiac G8. Oh, and there's also a Saturn -- well, the Opel Astra -- in it, evidently. Saturn is no more. (Though last we checked the planet was still there.)

At this point, you're probably asking yourself, "Where's the news?" Funny you should ask. It's doubtful that Wheelman will be the last game to feature a Pontiac. Heck, there are all shapes and sizes of racing sims coming out in the next few months, some or all of which will probably feature the GM-owned brand. And lest we forget Transformers: Rise of the Fallen: The Game. (Autobots only wear GM.) It would have been more newsworthy -- not to mention quite cruel -- if Ubisoft announced it was yanking both cars from the game and keeping whatever money Midway was paid to advertise include them.

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