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Sega might not be done with Sonic the Werehog


Sega, whose business is as much about publishing games as it is about punishing Sonic fans without mercy, has revealed in an interview with Videogamer that the future could feature more of Sonic being a Werehog. In discussing the possibility of Sonic's alter-ego emerging from his permanent residence in the clearance bin at your local Wal*Mart, Sega's Ketsui Tatano doesn't think "producing the Werehog was a mistake per se," but he does admit there "were a lot of things we could have done better if we had more time and resources." Then, he delivers this dark omen, saying that should Sega pursue a Sonic Unleashed 2, seeing the Werehog again is "a possibility."

Oh yeah? Well, we can tell you where he won't be, should that dark future come to fruition: spinning inside of our console's disc drive.

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