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The Daily Grind: What excites you most about WAR's Call to Arms?

Shawn Schuster

Today's the big day for Warhammer Online's Patch 1.2, and we can honestly say that you will be pleased at our coverage throughout the day. We have guides for the new classes and more on what this patch brings to the table. Now the question is, what are you most excited about?

Are you excited for the Choppa, or perhaps you're more of a Slayer? Maybe you can't wait to get your hands on some official forum action? You might just be itching to dive into that shiny new dungeon or experiment with the new RvR or crafting changes. Or better yet, none of this new content may interest you at all, and you're just excited that hundreds of bugs will get squashed with this patch. No matter what it is that tickles your fancy today, we want to hear about it. Let us know!

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