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Gefen ships pricey HDMI v1.3 Fiber Extender

Darren Murph

As if Gefen didn't have enough solutions for extending your HDMI signals, along comes yet another that's more expensive and more sophisticated than any of the others. The all new HDMI v1.3 Fiber Extender enables users to pass along HDMI 1.3 signals up to 330 meters (around 1,000 feet) without even a hint of signal delay or electromagnetic interference disturbances such as cut-outs and pixilation. The secret? Rather than using Ethernet or copper wiring, this box transmits the content over a single fiber optic cable, utilizing six lasers to serialize the HDMI 1.3 signal and pass along 1080p high-def video and audio to displays far, far away. 'Tis a shame this helpful little bugger is priced at $1,499 -- kind of puts it out of reach for the vast majority of those that could use it. Full release is after the break.

CHATSWORTH, CA - Gefen's new HDMI v1.3 Fiber Extender supplies an innovative and efficient new technology so you can extend your HDMI v1.3 display up to 330 meters (about 1000-feet) in distance. The system uses six lasers to serialize the HDMI v1.3 signal, delivering 1080p full HD with TMDS and HDCP compliance for today's most dependable signal transmission.

"This is the ideal solution for distributing HDTV throughout large venues," said Hagai Gefen, president and CEO of Gefen Inc. "It works with all HDMI formats and uses small sender and receiver units at local and remote destinations, connected by just one fiber optics cable that sends HDTV with zero delay."

The use of just one cable to deliver deep color, high definition visuals with multi-channel digital audio supporting Dolby TrueHD and DTS Master Audio allows integrators to streamline their installations and cut costs associated with multiple cable runs.

This sender/receiver system simplifies installations when paired with Gefen's pre-terminated fiber cables available in various lengths. These cables bend easily and can be disguised to blend in with decor for added convenience.

The Gefen HDMI v1.3 Fiber Extender works with Blu-ray players, gaming consoles and set-top boxes, and is compatible with all HDMI v1.3 displays and projectors. An IR back channel can be sent over CAT-5 cable, providing an efficient method of local control. An RS-232 port is also provided.

The Gefen HDMI v1.3 Fiber Extender comes with Gefen's standard, two-year warranty.

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