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O2's Joggler, formerly OpenFrame, launches in UK this April

Ross Miller

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Our friend Mr. Blurrycam was right on the money: OpenPeak's OpenFrame 7-inch MID touchscreen is on its way to the UK care of O2, albeit with a rather odd name change. The Joggler, as it's now called, connects via WiFi or Ethernet and has no SIM card for mobile use. In addition to the standard lot of apps -- news, weather, sports, media player, etc. -- its calendar can send out SMS reminders to other phones. Interestingly, though not apparently available at launch, it'll be able to send up to 50 free text messages to any UK-based phone, as well as receive an undisclosed number of messages. It's on track for an April release for £149.99 ($220), or free if you decide to pick this up instead of a handset when upgrading your plan.

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