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Obama as you've never seen him before, an Aion character

James Egan

We're generally apolitical in terms of our content here at Massively, but this is something worthy of note: Obama in the fantasy MMO Aion: The Tower of Eternity? (We're sure this unscheduled appearance will come as a surprise to the President, himself.)

NCsoft really didn't have this in mind when creating the game's lore, but some rather inventive beta testers have created something which show off just how good Aion's character creation is. The end result is a player-created video that depicts Obama in ways his publicity people never anticipated, as an Elyos 'kicking ass' and saving trees on the road to ascension as a Daeva... Yes, this may piss off a few people -- namely the POTUS -- but it's all in good fun. Check out the YouTube embed below the cut in high quality.

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