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Panasonic delivers first LCD packing built-on Japanese HD DTV antennas


Inside what appears to be a run of the mill Panasonic 17-inch 1366 x 768 edge LED backlit IPS LCD (ok, maybe not so run of the mill) is a world's first, picking up that title because it can go where your external antenna wiring doesn't. Capable of picking up all 12 segments of Japan's digital TV broadcasts courtesy of that funky rear mounted antenna -- lighting up (pictured) is thankfully optional -- the TH-L17F1 HDTV is completely ready for Japan's still upcoming DTV transition. Of course, diversity antennas alone are nothing new, with plenty of DVB / ISDB (the digital TV format of choice in Europe and Japan) tuners capable of picking up multiple sub channels or, in this case, able to kick down to 1seg in particularly bad signal conditions, to improve picture quality. We don't know how well that could work with ATSC broadcasts in the U.S. but never fear, we're sure Panasonic will figure out a way to bring over annoyingly distracting (and hopefully better at picking up digital TV signals) antenna technology soon enough.

[Via AV Watch]

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