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Shock! O'Connor hints at more Master Chief

In the wake of releasing Halo Wars, Microsoft's Frank O'Connor has shocked (no one in) the world by saying gamers probably haven't seen the last of Master Chief. Speaking with Game Hunters at USA Today, O'Connor discussed such upcoming releases as Halo 3: ODST, calling it a "detective story" of sorts, as well as the two new comic mini-series announced at the New York Comic Con.

Halo: Hell Jumpers, which focuses on the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, and Spartan Black, about a team of Spartan soldiers, are expected sometime this year. Halo: Uprising (pictured above) will see a fourth -- and final -- issue on March 18. As for the continued adventures of Master Chief, O'Connor says he doubts "we have seen the last" of Microsoft's armor-clad hero. What could be next? Halo vs. Barbie: Horse Adventuring Evolved. Believe.

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