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The Daily Grind: We had to grind uphill, both ways!

One of the things that our new webcomic Grinders brought to mind were some of the things that used to drive us absolutely bonkers about the old-school MMOs we used to play. Speaking personally, I could list a whole bunch of things from original EverQuest; having to stare at the wall or the floor to cast heals for my party otherwise the spell effects caused my poor old computer to lag unbearably; the idea that you had to regenerate mana by staring at your spellbook for well on 5 minutes; dying, losing a level, and then running back naked and alone. There's a whole bunch more, but this morning we thought we'd ask you - what are some of the old-school things you remember as being totally normal and expected from your early MMO experience that just make you shake your head now?

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