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Weird Toshiba FCC filing suggests -- of all things -- a WinMo flip?

Chris Ziegler

If there's an organization phone manufacturers probably shouldn't be pulling shenanigans on, the FCC ranks at or near the top of the list -- but Toshiba's latest filing has an awful lot of holes in it that need some 'splaining. At first glance, you'd figure this thing is a TG01, no big deal, and the product code of TM5-E01 seems to match up with the "E01" sticker at the bottom of the pictured test unit. A quick glance through the user's manual, though, reveals mentions of a 96 x 39 OLED secondary display, a primary display that's a full 1.1 inches smaller than the TG01's, and a device outline that's narrower, shorter, and way thicker. What does that sound like, exactly? A flip phone -- a form factor rarer than unicorns in the WinMo community -- but the pictures in the user's manual are of a TG01, not a flip. If we had to guess, this is an ultra-early draft of the manual with contents partially and haphazardly ripped out of another model's, but wouldn't it be crazy if Tosh dropped a Snapdragon-powered clamshell this year?

[Via Unwired View]

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