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Breakfast Topic: Pick a title, any title

Alex Ziebart

While doing my nightly pass through my RSS reader (even we bloggers read dozens of blogs per night, blogging is our lifeblood), I came across a fun little post from Aspect of the Hare. If you could give your character any title you wanted, what would it be?

They don't mean picking from what's available via achievements or quests, but what would you make up to give yourself? I asked this question to the WoW Insider HQ before writing this up to see what the gang would want, and Michael Sacco was the first to chime in. His joke answer was 'Ancient Chinese Wizard' as a nod to Zhang Bao, a character made infamous by the Dynasty Warriors series. Being a Shaman, he's pretty good at the whole Thunderstorm spiel. His more serious answer was Stormcaller. That's a pretty good one, I think!

Personally, I'd kill a bunny to bring the Lionhearted title back in some form. My Paladin is a diehard Alliance/Human supporter, originally from Lordaeron and now flying the banner of Stormwind. My FlagRSP description on my Paladin has actually had 'the Lionhearted' listed as a title for a good two years now. I was immensely excited when I saw that the title might be possible to get when achievements were first implemented in the Wrath of the Lich King beta, but it was pulled and never made it live. I'd love to see it come back somehow.

Matt Low (aka Matticus) is a fan of the title 'Almighty.' That would be pretty cool for a Priestly character I suppose, but I'm particularly fond of 'the Hallowed' for my Priest.

How about you guys, what would you like to see? Joke titles, serious titles, it's all fair game here. Are you more of an Ancient Chinese Wizard sort of person, or more of a Lionhearted? Or are you like Aspect of the Hare's twitterati, looking for something like 'of the Violet Eye or 'the Black'?

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