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Kingdom Hearts DSi bundle launching May 30 in Japan


Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days finally has a release date in Japan: May 30. Not only will Goofy fans be able to pick up the new action-RPG then (for 5,980 yen, or $60!), they will have the option of dropping even more money on the Kingdom Hearts Edition DSi bundle, which contains this specially decorated black DSi and the game, for 24480 yen ($246). Even as people not particularly into Goth Disney, we happen to think it's rather fetching!

The existence of this bundle sort of validates a rumor we received a while back: while there is a 358/2 Days DSi bundle as predicted, there has been no mention of an included Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories game nor of this special DSi having a Game Boy Advance slot. We expect that the Japanese sites would have mentioned that if it had been the case.

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