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ASUS plans to ship Fold / Unfold laptop concept this year!


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It may sound like sheer insanity, but it's the right sort of crazy sauce if you ask us. ASUS is planning to make its Fold / Unfold laptop concept into a for-reals product this year, with plans to ship by Q3. That seems pretty accelerated for something we've only seen in concept form, and something with such a new and interesting form factor -- Fold / Unfold's keyboard slides backwards as you open the display to maximize room for keys, trackpad and palm rest (video of the "folding" action is after the break). The concepts we've seen have also been suspiciously thin, so hopefully ASUS can pull this off without compromising this delicious form factor too terribly much. Sadly, that dual-touchscreen concept is further out, there's currently no slated window for commercialization.

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