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Breakfast Topic: Who's the boss?

Zach Yonzon

Recently we brought back one of our popular features -- the boss matchup that pits the game's nastiest bosses against each other. It's really an interesting thought, and even though we can theorycraft all we want about how things come down, it's really just a popularity contest. I mean, if you think about it, one reader was right about Amanitar beating Eck the Ferocious, right? But our little frog-like friend was the more popular one, so he won the day.

That's how we roll. That brings me to my question today... who's your favorite boss of all time? The bosses in Ulduar look really interesting, but it's too early to tell which one is going to be really cool and which one is going to be really annoying. Let's see... I think everybody loves VC, right? He's just so darned charming. Personally, I always enjoyed the Four Horsemen in Naxxramas... if only because they're pretty cool. I mean four Death Knights, all of different dispositions, on cool horses... I kind of like Sir Zeliek but probably only because I play a Paladin. I imagine he was forced to reroll and didn't like what he got.

So... four years and two expansions later, with numerous instances and raids... who's the boss you enjoy the most? Who's the boss you remember best? Surely someone's got to pick the flatulent Princess? Or maybe the king you pay tribute to in the Maul? They've given us all some fun (and painful) times, let's give a shoutout to our favorite ones.

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