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Geek Squad home theater setup horror story


This tale might not keep the kids up nights, but all those who enjoy properly adjusted and configured AV setups may want to avert their eyes. Over at Big Picture Big Sound the tale is told as one kind soul ended up cleaning the mess left at a friend's house by a Best Buy Geek Squad installer. At least in this case, $325.11 wasn't enough to get the center channel audio properly set up, subwoofers connected or a worthwhile surround sound connection. That still leaves the swapped rear channels, stretched cable TV & DVDs and total lack of basic convenience configurations as obstacles to a setup the friend expected when scheduling a tech visit (for the second time) to her house. Most of you probably take pleasure in setting things up yourself, but this might be worth forwarding to friends and family so they'll either do the same, or remember to double check everything before the installer leaves.

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