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Samsung turning 50 peeps into 'Omnia HD Ambassadors' ahead of launch

Chris Ziegler

Most of us will have to wait a few months to get a crack at spending untold hundreds of dollars on Omnia HDs of our own, but for a lucky few -- fifty, to be exact -- the opportunity is just around the corner. Oh, and the phone is free, too. The catch? First off, you've got to convince Samsung you're special enough to get one of the rarefied prerelease units, then you've got to be an "Omnia HD Ambassador" -- that is, you've got to show the world why the phone is so freakin' awesome (and considering the dreamy specs, that shouldn't be too big of a challenge). The contest to be become an Ambassador runs through the 27th of the month, with winners announced in early April -- so polish your resume, comb your hair, and have a shot at it.

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