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Sigourney Weaver missed her shot at Ghostbusters game role


We reported last year that Sigourney Weaver was interested in a role in the upcoming Ghostbusters game so long as the project was "high quality." The good news: Sigourney Weaver apparently thinks Terminal Reality's adaptation is up to snuff. The bad news: She came to this conclusion too late.

At a recent press event in Stockholm, according to Game Reactor, Terminal Reality producer Brendan Goss stated that Weaver originally turned the role down when it was first offered. When the actress later learned that Bill Murray had signed on to do the game -- on the condition that each Ghostbuster get equal screen time -- she approached the makers asking to be a part of the project. Unfortunately for Ms. Weaver, the game was already too far into production and a new lead female role had been written.

We can only assume said role is that of Janine Melnitz, the Ghostbusters' sassy receptionist. We imagine the romance between her and Peter Venkman will be a torrid, strange affair, what with the bug eyes thing and all.

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