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$100 Nova Navigator cloud-powered nettop in the wild


PCs have fallen wildly in price over the past couple of years, but while the prospect of a "real computer" (well, almost) for a mere $100 isn't completely outlandish these days, it's still rare. The Nova Navigator, built for the India market, is actually down from its originally-projected $199 pricepoint, and commands a monthly subscription fee in the vicinity of $15 and up -- the more you pay the more online storage you get, with 50GB as a baseline. On its sparse 256MB of built-in storage, however, you get a full build of Linux with Firefox and OpenOffice, and the ability to access Windows with a Remote Desktop client. The unit doesn't come with a keyboard monitor or mouse, so once you get around to supplying all that and paying for a few months of service, you might've been better off with a cheap netbook, but the expansion and peripheral-compatibility afforded by this desktop form factor might just make it worth the hassle.

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