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Oh, by the way: Nokia 5800 works with Amazon Video On Demand

Chris Ziegler

Quietly mentioned at the NAM 5800 XpressMusic's launch was its ability to sync up with Amazon's Video On Demand service, bringing over 40,000 movies and TV shows (though how many of those we'd actually want to watch remains unclear) to the surprisingly capable 640 x 360 display in your pocket. Unfortunately, you can't buy and download over the air -- you'll need to install the PC-based Video On Demand software first, then download the portable player for the 5800, then download content by tethering up to the machine, which isn't the optimal solution. With HSDPA on board, we're hoping Amazon eventually figures out that there's a better way to do this -- this is the company that runs Whispernet, after all.

[Thanks, Mia]

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