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Pixavi announces wireless Xcaster ST 5000 video conferencing camera


Video conferencing cameras generally aren't the most exciting devices out there, but Pixavi certainly looks to be a decent job of standing out from the pack with its new Xcaster ST 5000 camera, which packs some built-in WiFi (802.11n, no less) and about as catch-all a feature set as most anyone could ask for. That includes HD video recording using the h.264 codec, a 4x optical zoom, MEMS image stabilization, a "high resolution" touchscreen, built-in Bluetooth to accommodate a wireless headset, 16GB of onboard flash plus both SD and CompactFlash card slots, a full range of line-in and AV-out ports, and a promised six hours of use from the camera's 6600 Ah battery, to name just a few features. As you may have surmised, the camera is also fully ruggedized and waterproof, though it expectedly doesn't come cheap. Look for it to run $7,950 when it lands in May.

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