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Sega reveals sleek new OutRun Online Arcade footage

As pumped as we are at the prospect of a current-gen rendition of Sega's Outrun series, it's tough to judge the aesthetics of racing games without seeing them in action. Thankfully, some gameplay footage of the XBLA (and European PSN) racer OutRun Online Arcade recently surfaced in a YouTube video (which we've courteously posted after the jump).

It looks about as fun and arcade-y as you'd expect -- realistic physics are suspended in favor of endless drifting, and cars travel at sound barrier-breaking velocities. Also making a reappearance is the series' blonde passenger, who helpfully squawks asinine remarks (such as, "I want to go far away!") as you maneuver through hairpin turns going 280 km/h. Thanks for contributing, you fair-haired freeloader.

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