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GamePro to publish indie games, free magazine


Set to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year, GamePro -- and parent company IDG -- has made an unexpected announcement: it's getting into the business of publishing games. As reported by GameDaily, the newly formed label, GamePro Labs, will focus on publishing games from independent developers.

The label's official site makes mention of Xbox 360, PC, Zune, iPhone and PlayStation Network platforms, but is light on specific release plans. Game submissions are being accepted, although GamePro does say it will only be publishing a limited number of tiles each year. The company will act as a sort of "middleman" between indie devs and platformer holders, in addition to handling payouts and "regular promotion in GamePro Magazine." The latter hopefully refers to ad space and not any sort of paid editorial consideration. Titles from three currently signed developers will be announced at GDC later this month.

GamePro has also announced plans to produce a free, custom edition of its magazine for distribution exclusively at 7-Eleven stores. The convenience chain began selling games last year (and breaking street dates on them shortly thereafter).

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