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Blu-ray releases on March 10th 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

Just as expected, things are starting to turn around already and movies worth seeing are once again hitting the shelves. First up is Transporter 3. We don't expect it to be the best movie ever, but it should be entertaining. Next up is another title from Disney's vault, Pinocchio -- which should be interesting for a few reasons. Another animated title worth a look this week is the hilarious South Park: Season 12, which is showing that TV shows are finally starting to be released on Blu-ray with some regularity. We also can't forget one of our favorite Edward Norton movies as Paramount offers up Primal Fear. One of the first Oscar winning titles hits this week as well with Milk. Last week we had a poll to decide where our links should go, and we have to say we are a bit surprised that won -- well technically, no one cares actually won, but we threw that one out. Last week's poll was so much fun we decided to take a new suggestion and add a poll this week for which title you think will be the hottest selling of the week -- we'd ask which you're going to buy, but our polls are limited to a single answer.


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