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New PS3 sci-fi action RPG heads to 'Mars'


French developer Spiders is working on a brand new sci-fi RPG called Mars, currently slated for release on PS3 and PC. The game takes place 200 years after the colonization of Mars. Inexplicably, the orbit of Mars is altered, causing a communications breakdown with Earth and exposing the inhabitants to solar radiation. With supplies and water in short supply, Mars looks to be Total Recall an extraterrestrial version of Fallout.

Two playable characters are planned for use in the game. Seth, an elite soldier, will have the ability to master a variety of weapons to fight his enemies. Pandora is a "technomancer" equipped with several, magical abilities. Both of their stories will intertwine, giving players two unique perspectives of the world.

The first screens (available in our gallery) reveals the game's current, primitive state. But since us PS3 owners are an RPG-starved bunch, we'll watch how Mars progresses.


[Via GameZine]

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